Coen Foundation Policy

Below are the main points of the policy plan of the Coen Backelandt Foundation.


We want to be a reliable friend for children in need helping them to dare to imagine, to dream and to do.


To create a platform of friendship, trust and help for children in need, focusing on two different recognisable fundaments:


We Support

We support our friends, children in need, both
financially and with attention in case of:

  • Low income family situation
  • Large scale family situation
  • Hard living family circumstances
  • Critical illness

We connect and support people who want to make friendships with children in need and invest in repeated quality time with them.

Management and spending of the foundation’s assets

The board is responsible for managing the assets of the foundation. The capital amounts to € 50,000 per 1-1-2019. The capital is fully used for the assistance of children in need of help as described in the policy plan.
The supervisory board is responsible for supervising the management.

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