Our Projects

The Coen Foundation initiates projects to improve the situation of people, and especially children, in need.

Surgery for Mariana

Mariana is the daughter of Natalia. One day Mariana was diagnosed with hypothalamic hamartoma. A crowdfunding was opened for Mariana’s treatment in Japan.

Grosso Moda and its employees raised enough money for Mariana and Natalia to travel to Japan and realize the life-saving operation. Another € 10.000 was donated by Grosso Moda for Mariana and her family.

Mariana had surgery in Japan and according to the doctors, the surgery was successful. Mariana is back home again and will have to recover further on her way to a healthy and happy future.

Natalia and Marian are enormously grateful to the Coen Foundation for their support.

Day center at Ukmerge

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We fulfilled some children’s wish – to visit the church

Some of them are visiting here for the first time. The nuns helped us here. They welcomed us very warmly, told us about the church, God and answered all our questions

Theater festival

We visited the performance and took a walk around a beautiful spring city. Being together as a team, children are learning relationships, friendship, understanding that we are all different, but more alike than different.

Mother’s Day 2023

Wishing you all the love in the world on Mother’s Day. Thanks for everything you do for us. We love you more than words can say! Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

First trip to the sea Together!

We were happy to see the sea and so many interesting things. To play active games and be together in a safe environment where everyone is accepted as they are.

Summer Camp 2023

Camp was a great environment for kids to make lifelong friendships. They bonded over shared adventures, supported each other through challenges, and celebrated each achievement Together. Their glowing faces radiated the joy of togetherness, creating an atmosphere of warmth and friendship.

Every day together is full of good emotions and fun games

Spring sun shines 2023

Easter 2023

Together with the teachers, we prepared the most beautiful and creative Easter eggs!

We are trying out musical instruments

It’s important for personal development to get in touch with music so we went to a musical instrument collector.

Children visited artists family

Their business – ‘Sound Nest’ – they are making and selling all over the world, as they call – drums of the moon. Exciting experience for all of us! ❤️
One drum we get as a present for our center, children will be a love to play it themselves.

Day of the Restoration of the State of Lithuania

We learn citizenship and celebrate public holidays 💛💚💗

“Go away, Winter!” or Lithuanian Mardi Gras 2024

Masks, dressing up, dancing around the fire, songs, pancakes and lots and lots of sweets!

What could be more fun? 🌞

Treatment for breast cancer

Due to this very serious illness of one of our colleagues who had very high expenses for research which will not be covered by the government and impossible for herself to pay.

Within the Coen foundation we gave her the financial support which was needed to find out what the best therapy will be for her illness and to make this therapy happen.

Of all women are diagnosed with breast cancer